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Learn How to Master Your Time. Gain Back Hours.

Learn how to gain 7 hours back each week - it's like getting back an entire day every single week! Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to stop feeling frantic and like you never have enough time or your money back!


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Feel like you never have enough time? No problem.

This Masterclass is your solution to creating more time in your week. It promises to give anyone who struggles with time management, balancing work and family & figuring out where to spend their time the exact tools to master time!

I'm giving you the exact formula to get back 7 hours each week. By the end of the year that's 364 days! That's nearly a year of your life back! What could you do with that extra time? How would it make you feel to have all that time back?

There's no doubt you'll experience less frustratiion, less anxiety, and waste less time trying to figure out what to do to reach your goals.

You can't afford to ignore the time management problem anymore!

  • 30% of your workweek is wasted on low value activities
  • 14.7% of your day is spent being distracted
  • 1.8 hours are spent answering or deleting emails that are unimportant
  • 57.5 days each year are spent being unproductive at work; AND
  • 18 hours a week (on average) are wasted surfing the internet as a "mind break" from stress

More Than $120 Million in Earnings Lost Each Year.

How much is it costing you to lose time each day? What deals have you missed because you didn't have the time you need or want to pursue them?

Now think about how much more revenue could you generate if you had 7 more hours each week! I bet it's a lot more than $197 of revenue. Right?! I bet with 7 more hours each week you could easily 3x that investment in one week.

"It won't work for me!"

I get it. It feels like you've tried everything. It feels like you're just stuck with time always being an issue. That's NOT TRUE! That feeling is there to keep you from failing. These tools won't fail you. They work! They have transformed my daily life, the lives of countless clients & they'll do the same for you too.

Staying with the current situation isn't an option, so why not try something new?

"I don't have time to try something new!"

Yep! I've heard this one. That's fear talking. If you want the end result of being someone who has control over their time again, a feeling of gaining back your life, balance & focus, then you've got to change the way you're doing things now. If what you were doing worked, time wouldn't be an issue. You do have the time. We all have 24 hours. We just need to rearrange how to spend it for maximum efficiency & productivity.

Tackle Your Time First.

After years of coaching entrepreneurs, I realized it was a complete waste of time to start our relationship by creating a detailed plan for reaching bigger goals.

Why? They couldn't implement the plans we created.

They were too busy wasting their time on common mistakes that plague more than 90% of entrepreneurs. Until we dealt with how they spent their time, they didn't have the bandwidth to change anything.

I've seen far too many smart, talented entrepreneurs waste years complaining about a lack of growth, all because they never dealt with the fundamental issue of how to manage their time each week.

Don't be like them. Invest in yourself & tackle your time management first and then you'll free up the time to reach any goal you choose!

After Taking The Masterclass...

I can guarantee that you'll understand how to create at least 7 hours in your week... or your money back!

In other words, if you don't know EXACTLY how to eliminate activities, freeing up at least 7 hours of your time, by the end of the Masterclass, then all you have to do is email Gina, my head of operations, and she'll refund 100% of your money back to you. Yep! It's that easy!


I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs. Now it's your turn.

My offerings typically cost between $3.999 - $7,500, and range from group coaching to personal VIP Days with me.

I've never offered anything this inexpensive before now. But I've heard too many people say they "don't have the time" to spend on coaching, learning, and implementing new things. That means too many entrepreneurs are staying stuck where they are & failing to grow their businesses.

If they aren't growing, they'll never get to a place where they have the time or money to invest in themselves. That's an entire group of entrepreneurs that I'd never get to work with to help them scale their businesses to the next level.

It's for that reason that I've created this Masterclass. To eliminate this roadblock for as many entrepreneurs as possible. Time shouldn't stand in your way. There are too many solutions to that problem. I'm offering you all of them in this Masterclass.

So....Are You In?


You've Got Options!

I know everyone works differently. Whether you’re someone who can learn independently and implement right away, or someone who wants to have accountability along the way, there’s a solution for you. Each plan is outfitted to help you reach the result of gaining back hours of your time each week. How you choose to reach that result is up to you!


This option is built for people who want to learn at their own pace, like self-directed content & will hold themselves accountable to implementing what they've learned. It gives you the freedom to work through the content on your own.

  • 10 modules of video content filled with tools & time generators
  • Tools to immediately implement in your business
  • Unlimited access to the videos
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • Content delivered instantly to your inbox
  • Personal coach assigned to you for 4 weeks to hold you accountable
  • Access to a private Facebook group for all VIP members to interact & ask questions




This option is for people who've bought courses and products, but tend not to follow through or get results. This option gives you a coach to walk you through the content, hold you accountable, and help with implementation. You'll move through the material quickly & see results fast!

  • 10 modules of video content filled with tools & time generators
  • Tools to immediately implement in your business
  • Unlimited access to the videos
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • Content delivered instantly to you inbox
  • Personal coach assigned to you for 4 weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group for all VIP members to interact & ask questions


Plus...You Get These Amazing

Bonuses Too!

  • Bonus content detailing how to use "batch working" to save even more time each week - $197 value
  • First access to the launch of the next course at the "pre-sale" price - $397 value
  • A $100 discount on the online course of your choice

Don't Waste Another Day! Your Time Is Too Valuable!


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