As female entrepreneurs we tend to struggle with 3 major issues.

A lack of: 1) time; 2) confidence; and 3) earnings!

It's not your fault!

There are 3 things in your way:

Because these 3 are in control, we tend to be more willing to waste our time on cheap courses & low cost offers than we are to invest in ourselves.

Time is our MOST valuable resource!

Once you use it, you never get it back. Now is the time to start valuing time over money.

The transformation comes with the transaction! You must be willing to invest in yourself to see change.

Money is unlimited. It can be earned back. When you begin to value your time MORE than money, you'll earn more than ever. You'll get the support you need to transform your business in the way you've always wanted!


I've Been In Your Shoes... I Understand!

My name is Sallie Holder.

I spent ten (10) years of my career practicing labor & employment litigation providing advice to companies like FedEx & Michelin. I then left law, entered business, and ran 6 different companies in 6 different industries, all while increasing their revenue & their profits (by as much as 70%).

I wasted years because I continuously held back from substantially investing in myself. I chose the smaller options. I thought I wasn't ready for a high level program until I had a bigger business. What I know now is I failed to value my time as my most important resource.

Once I learned to revamp my approach to time, how to cultivate confidence & increase my earnings, my life and business entirely changed. I created a life that I loved! That is when I knew I had to share these strategies with other women who were struggling like I was. I wrote my book, Hitting Rock Middle, and became a Business Coach to help other female entrepreneurs implement these strategies using my revolutionary business framework, BE BOLDER.

Now, I want to share it with you, too, and help you start your journey to the life you want by creating an abundance in the 3 critical areas - time, confidence & earnings. .

How Does The BRIMM 90 Day Mastermind Program Help You?

1. The BRIMM provides interactive, hands-on, coaching.

The BRIMM is your fast pass to business growth. Over the 90 day program, you'll have access directly to Sallie to ask questions, receive feedback, and learn exactly how you should implement the new business strategies you're learning. Rarely do you get access to the content creator who will walk you directly through implementation!

2. The BRIMM delivers the tools you need to create the business you want.

Sallie cuts through the noise & delivers you the exact content she's shared with countless clients to substantially increase their earnings, create confidence in themselves and their business & take back their time. You'll learn new strategies weekly, delivered to you via video at the start of each week. On Thursdays Sallie will coach LIVE via Zoom, giving you guidance and support on the implementation of each new critical business strategy.

3. The BRIMM gives you access to other ambitious female entrepreneurs.

This Mastermind Program gives you access to a group of female business owners dedicated to personal & professional growth. It's been proven that entrepreneurs who have a support network grow their businesses 2.5 times FASTER. Putting yourself in the right room is half the battle!


What Results Can You Expect?

  • Clarity about the future of your business
  • Confidence in yourself & your business
  • Increased revenue
  • Knowledge of strategies on how to market, scale & automate parts of your business
  • An understanding how to create a sales funnel to generate leads
  • Understanding of lead generation tools & processes for increased customer base
  • Gain a new perspective on time management that will change your daily actions

  • Decreased frustration
  • Feel empowered to pursue new ideas for revenue generation
  • Enjoy a community of ambitious female entrepreneurs
  • Decrease your fears
  • Confidently pursue your passions and aspirations, no matter what other's think
  • Exponential growth of your business
  • An understanding of new delivery methods of assets

Think what you can accomplish in your business when you've gained these things...

Join The BRIMM now to experience a Mastermind Program that will transform your business in 90 days!

Don't Just Take It From Me.... Listen to What A Past BRIMM Member Has to Say!

"Less than 30 days in, my BRIMM membership had paid for itself. Sallie taught me new business strategies, I had an entirely new plan to sell old inventory that was weighing me down (financially and literally), and was able to make room for a new, high end line of jewelry. With a fresh start, I was then able to transform my business into my dream come true."

-Kate Furman, Founder and Artist at Kate Furman Jewelry

How We Will Accomplish All of These Amazing Goals Together

  • Weekly coaching calls with Sallie and other BRIMM Members
  • Exclusive weekly content-rich step-by-step modules sharing Sallie's BE BOLDER business strategies
  • Direct access to Sallie to help walk you through implementation of the content, rather than just giving you information
  • 90-Day Access to "The BRIMM: Transform Your Business in 90 Days" Facebook community
  • Weekly inspiration and support to reach your company's vision and goals
  • Access to fellow ambitious female entrepreneurs who are seeking growth, and who want to support you

Who Should Join The BRIMM:

Transform Your Business in 90 Days?

Female Entrepreneurs who fall into one of 3 categories:

You have not formalized your idea or your business is under a year old. This your chance to get inspired and learn how to make it work, creating the earnings structure you need from the ground up. You're going to walk away with confidence in your offers & a strategy for spending your time to make it all happen.

You are ready to grow your business, but you get stuck when it comes to "how" to scale, market yourself, or make your offer to clients. You're feeling less confident than you want to be, and know you need more confidence to grow. You will implement the strategies needed to explode your business & learn to cultivate confidence moving forward.

You have an established business, but know it can generate far more income, or you've created a "monster" - meaning your business runs YOU instead of the other way around. You deserve to earn your worth. Learn the methods on to get back your time, reorganize your day & increase your confidence in how you're going to run the business the way you want moving forward.

What You're Going to Learn

During the 90 day Mastermind Program, you'll work Sallie's BE BOLDER™ 7-step strategy to help you move from a scarcity of time, confidence & earnings to a place of abundance of all three.

Altogether, that's worth


But today, we're offering coaching,

access to a community, implementation help

& support, as well as all the tools you need

to reach a new level of abundance in your business for only


for Sallie's 90-day program.

We have 3 payment options to make this very simple for you to say YES to making an abundance of time, earnings & confidence in yourself and your business a reality!

1. Pay in full - 10% discount. Pay $3597!

2. Split: 2 payments of $1998.50

3. Monthly: 4 installments. $597 upon joining & 3 payments of $1133


Maybe you're thinking... "I'm going to wait to sign up."

DON'T! Here's what you're choosing instead...

If you don't join, you're choosing to say YES to....

  • Working too much and earning too little
  • Staying stuck with your mindset, fears, and conditioning of how to spend your time limit you from the success you're capable of having
  • Feeling constantly frustrated by a lack of time, confidence & earnings
  • Making business hard because you're not reaching the destination know you can!

This is your LAST chance to sign up for The BRIMM before it closes until the Fall. Why not commit to yourself NOW to achieve the success you deserve instead of delaying reaching your goals?

The chance to join The BRIMM only opens once a quarter.

Choose YOU! Start TODAY!

Hear What Past BRIMM Members Have to Say...

"The BRIMM has helped me to refocus my mindset on my positive progress, continue to set big attainable goals, and build a strong foundation as an artist and entrepreneur. By connecting with Sallie Holder, I am able to visualize the road to success, creating a business that suits my talents and needs."

- Courtney Salton, Artist and Owner of Courtney Salton Fine Art

“I am so glad I made the decision to join the BRIMM. I have been a member for a little over a month and have a more clear vision of how I want my business to look than I have in the past 10 years. Sallie has you dive deeper into building a meaningful and successful career." 

- Nina Sachse, Residential Real Estate

“Since joining the BRIMM earlier this year, our mindset and our business has improved by leaps and bounds! We love the accountability and are grateful we joined this amazing group, especially in light of the pandemic as Sallie has helped us all stay focused on our businesses and our plans for the future. We would have been “lost” during this time without her. She’s given us hope and we continue to learn new tools for growth personally and professionally- it will have a lasting impact on all of us.”

- Hannah Groseclose & Eleanor Says, Owners of Hinge Creative Co.

Need More Evidence? Here Are Some BONUS Testimonials

Join The BRIMM now!

You only have...


to sign up before it closes (with no exceptions!)

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