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This Is Your Roadmap to Earning More, Starting NOW!

The Bolder Blueprint Workshop is for 3 kinds of people:




If you haven't formalized your idea, or how you're going to move into entrepreneurship, this workshop is for you. This your chance to get inspired & learn how you could make it work. You might just walk away inspired to begin!

If you're ready to build your business, but you get stuck when it comes to "how" you're going to grow it, this is the perfect workshop for you! You'll learn exactly how to create new revenue streams you never imagined!

If you have an established business, but you know it can generate far more income, this is the workshop for you! You deserve to earn your worth. Let me show you the methods of exactly HOW to make that happen.


Why Should I Participate in the Bolder Blueprint?

1. You'll Learn How to Substantially Grow Your Business:

During this workshop we keep it simple and easy to understand. You'll learn 4 different pillars to increasing your business's reach & revenue online. We break down the simple steps you can take & implement immediately to see the results you need for your business right now.

2. You'll Learn 10 Proven Methods to Create New Revenue:

This workshop will give you more than 10 ways to deliver your assets to your customers in innovative ways that will increase your revenue & your profits for the long run of your business. 

3. You'll Learn How to Sell Your Product or Service to Your Clients

Once you decide on the assets & the delivery method, I will teach you exactly how to drive customers to your offering. I'll walk you through a plan that will create a wealth of new clients for your product or service!

During this Free Workshop You Will Learn:

  • More than 10 different online revenue generating strategies that can transform your business
  • How to decide what strategy is right for your business
  • How to communicate & sell it to your clients
  • The consistent actions you'll need to take to keep driving revenue
  • The questions you MUST answer today before you get started

The Bolder Blueprint Workshop Agenda


June 15th - 19th

@12pm ET Daily

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Don't worry, it's all recorded & posted in the Facebook group until June 23rd.

About Your Presenter

Sallie Holder, Business Growth Expert

Sallie Holder has been helping female entrepreneurs substantially increase their profits for over 15 years.

Her experience is unparallelled. Sallie practiced labor & employment litigation for more than 10 years, counseling companies like FedEx & Michelin. She left her practice to run a law firm as their COO, and then she went on to run 6 different companies in 6 different industries. Now she's applying all that knowledge to help female entrepreneurs, serving as a Business Coach to some of the top female entrepreneurs in the country.

And she's excited about working with you!

What Are People Saying About the Bolder Blueprint Workshop?

  • “I can’t say enough about Sallie’s Coaching Program! The personal growth I achieved was more than I could have anticipated. All women can benefit from her & the relationship with other powerful women.” Emily, Interior Designer
  • "Sallie’s course was meaningful, enlightening & fun. I’m confident that what you’ll get out it will last you long after the program ends.” Louise, Artist
  • "She gave us so many tips and insider information that saved me thousands of dollars with building & scaling my business.” Karen, Retailer & Spa Owner
  • "This was just what I needed in my life. I'd recommend it to ANYONE that feels like they don't know how to build their path forward to a more successful and fulfilling future." Courtney, Blogger & Writer
  • "I’ve had the good fortune to work with thousands of women, but none has been more poignant or inspiring than Sallie Holder." Mike Lohner, Serial Entrepreneur

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