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"Within the 4 weeks of joining The BRIMM Sallie helped me revamp my business entirely. I was able to move on from my previous work (that was holding me back) & dive into my passion for coaching for a well developed plan.  In turn, I have started truly loving what I do again, and welcoming in clients who fill my cup!  I cannot thank Sallie enough for kicking me into gear and not letting me fall into the mindset traps I have before. I whole heartedly believe this has changed my life!"

- Hillarie Kay, Business Coach

"Since joining the BRIMM, our mindset and our business has improved by leaps and bounds! We love the accountability and the connections we’ve made with dynamic, successful female entrepreneurs. Sallie's given us hope and we continue to learn new tools for growth personally and professionally. We can’t wait to see how far we have come when our time with the BRIMM is over - it will have a lasting impact on all of us."

- Hannah Groseclose & Eleanor Says, Owners of Hinge Creative Co

"Being a member of the BRIMM had an immediate positive impact on my business. Sallie’s philosophy and guidance helped me double my revenue in the first month, and has also created accessible clarity for my long term business and life goals. The BRIMM is a strong, inspiring and compassionate group of women, led by sincere and in depth coaching that won’t let you down. I've never been more excited for what's to come."

- Laura Shope, Owner and Designer of Very Fine South

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“The BRIMM has helped me to refocus my mindset on my positive progress, continue to set big attainable goals, and build a strong foundation as an artist and entrepreneur. Being part of this like minded community has helped guide me back towards growth within my business and my creative flow. By connecting with Sallie Holder, I am able to visualize the road to success, creating a business that suits my talents and needs.”

- Courtney Salton, Artist

“The BRIMM has provided me with an incredibly supportive network of women that speak openly about their personal and professional obstacles as well as their successes. Sallie provides incredibly well thought out coaching and mentorship through each stage of the journey with a focus on growing your business and revenue.  Her commitment to the group and each client is apparent every time she takes the stage.”

- Everett King, Owner of Everett King Consulting

"The mindset shifts in the short month have been monumental for me both personally and professionally. I have loved being a part of this nurturing community and can't wait to see what amazing things happen over the course of a whole year. Realizing that my target market is so closely aligned between my services and my product line has been a huge mental leap and really helped me find that sweet spot of synergy. Highly recommend!"

- Katelyn Whelan, Owner of Katelyn Whelan LLC

 “I have absolutely loved working with Sallie. Although I just had a baby, the work we have done has challenged me to keep up. She has given me so much insight as a coach into how my business can thrive. I have seen the results in putting her advice to use, too. I’ve almost sold out of one of my programs in one day! So grateful to be a part of the BRIMM and for Sallie.”

- Stephanie Morris, Intuitive Manifesting Coach

 “I am so glad I made the decision to join the BRIMM. I have been a member for a little over a month and have a more clear vision of how I want my business to look than I have in the past 10 years. Sallie has you dive deeper into building a meaningful and successful career."

- Nina Sachse, Residential Real Estate

"The BRIMM has exceeded my expectations. I not only have Sallie as a mentor and coach, but I also have a network of 40 other female entrepreneurs to champion my successes and push my business to where I want it to be. Do yourself and your business the favor of getting started The BRIMM!"

- Caitlin Meyers, Founder and Designer of Caitlin Elizabeth Collection

“Sallie's Mastermind Calls are inspiring and applicable to you no matter what stage you're in with your business. She gives you interesting questions to ask yourself about your vision. It was incredibly motivating to dig deep and then create specific objectives and actual action steps to achieve the goal. She pushed me outside my comfort zone in just the way I needed. Sallie has created a wonderful, positive, encouraging format that worked for me and helped me get unstuck!"

- Musette Stern, Owner of Muse Shoe Studio

"Less than 30 days in, my BRIMM membership had paid for itself. Sallie taught me new business strategies, I had an entirely new plan to sell old inventory that was weighing me down (financially and literally), and was able to make room for a new, high end line of jewelry. With a fresh start, I was then able to transform my business into my dream come true."

- Kate Furman, Founder and Artist at Kate Furman Jewelry

"Sallie provides a practical approach to get out of a place in business where you can’t see the next step. She gives advice that will change your mindset in lasting ways to propel you to passion. Not only will you be re-energized about your vocation but about who you are as a person too. This investment is worth the return 10 fold!”

- Carrie Pitman, Owner and Artist of Carrie Pitman Fine Art

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"Everyone says that we're all in this together, and yes that is true in many aspects. But as a small business owner, I like many (or most) have felt kind of alone and lost in what to do. That is until I realized that The BRIMM is exactly the lifeline that I was needing in this crazy, uncertain time. It’s a business group with likeminded females who have your back. A group that yes, you truly feel like 'We are in this together!'"

- Elizabeth Stafford White, Co-Founder and Designer of Twine and Twig

“Signing up for The BRIMM was the best decision I have made for myself in years. As someone who has been dabbling with the idea of starting my own business for nearly a decade, I lacked the courage and know-how to really get myself off the ground. After the very first Mastermind call, I had a better understanding for my purpose and was able to establish, with intention, clear goals for my personal growth and business. Sallie's insight, encouragement and ability to break down best practices into relatable and actionable material was invaluable to helping me feel confident to take the leap towards my dreams and claim a seat at the table."

- Carrie Moore, Founder and Content Creator of The Less is Moore Project

“Joining Sallie Holder's The BRIMM was the best decision I've made for my business. She really helped me focus and set attainable goals for my design firm. I've doubled my revenue while reducing my work week from 50 hours to 30 hours. I'm so excited to see what the rest of the 90-days holds!"

- Christa Sorauf,
Founder of Duo Design Studio