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The Beyond Rock Middle Movement ("BRIMM") is your 90 day mastermind experience leading you to success and fulfillment!

"Rock Middle" is a term I coined to describe that middle place in your career where you're simply not at the level of success you know you're capable of having and/or you're not fulfilled by the career you've created. Both of these situations make a person feel trapped. And creating change from this place of success feels simply impossible.

But, I'm living proof that it is possible! I left my successful law practice and have created a wildly successful business of my own. I discovered the roadmap for breaking out of Rock Middle & in The BRIMM I share that exact roadmap with you.

Together we'll create success and fulfillment. We'll turn your business into the 6 and 7 figure entity it can be. I'll show you how in 90 days! Join me!



How Does The BRIMM 90 Day Mastermind Program Help You?

Proven Tools for Growth

I cut through the noise & deliver you the content that I've shared with countless clients to help them get out of Rock Middle, and reach fulfillment. You'll learn new strategies weekly, and gain guidance and support on the implementation of each new critical business strategy.

A Supportive Community

The BRIMM gives you access to a group of female business owners dedicated to personal & professional growth. It's proven that entrepreneurs who have a support network grow their businesses 2.5 times faster.

Interactive Coaching

Over the 90 day program, you'll have direct access to me, your coach, to ask questions, receive feedback, and learn exactly how you should implement the new business strategies you're learning.

Rave Reviews.

From Our Past Members. 

"The BRIMM has helped me to refocus my mindset on my positive progress, continue to set big attainable goals, and build a strong foundation as an artist and entrepreneur. By connecting with Sallie Holder, I am able to visualize the road to success, creating a business that suits my talents and needs."

- Courtney Salton, Artist and Owner of Courtney Salton Fine Art

“I am so glad I made the decision to join the BRIMM. I have been a member for a little over a month and have a more clear vision of how I want my business to look than I have in the past 10 years. Sallie has you dive deeper into building a meaningful and successful career." 

- Nina Sachse, Residential Real Estate

"Less than 30 days in, my BRIMM membership had paid for itself. Sallie taught me new business strategies that helped me develop an entirely new plan to sell old inventory that was weighing me down (financially and literally). and make room for a new, high-end line of jewelry. With a fresh start, I was able to transform my business into my dream come true."

- Kate Furman, Founder and Artist at Kate Furman Jewelry 

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