Imagine doubling your profits, while decreasing your time....

The BRIMM is the innovative business program to help you do both!


What if your business could grow while your free time did too?

Sound too good to be true? It's not!

Although it's hard to believe right now because you're likely working harder than ever. The problem is that your earnings are NOT proportionate to the amount of time you're spending working!

You're on social media, creating content, serving customers, trying to find new customers, worried about finances, stressed about what you don't know, confused why it isn't all coming together, scared to say "no" to a customer, and taking on more than you should for fear of what will happen if you ever stop hustling.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then The BRIMM was made for you!

The BRIMM is a 90 day business program that will help you revolutionize how you spend your time & how much you earn. You'll learn exactly how to increase your productivity & apply growth strategies to your business that will help you earn more in less time. You'll finish the program with clarity on the right offer to make to your customers & the tools you need to launch it to them effectively.

The BRIMM is your 90 day tool to transform your business into one that grows exponentially without you working harder.

On the Brim of Burnout?

Read This.

I started a business after practicing law for 10 years. I thought I could just figure it out along the way. I thought, "I'm smart, surely I can just serve people well and it will all work out." I thought if I just worked hard enough it would all come together one day.

Boy was I wrong! It couldn't have been further from the truth.

It was as if the entrepreneurial world had a whole formula for how to do things that I felt like I was missing. Ever felt that way too? I noticed those achieving "success" weren't necessarily working the hardest. You've seen that right?!

If it wasn't the hours spent, then what was the right formula? I knew I had to figure it out, because I wasn't going to quit. I spent the next 8 years studying the entrepreneurial journey and combining that with my experience practicing labor & employment law to create a formula that transformed everything!

I swore to myself if I ever figured out that "secret formula" that I'd share it so that other women can do the same. So here I am! I came here for YOU! You deserve to reach the success you long to create too. You can do it without killing yourself, burning out, or spending every minute working! Trust me!

It would be my honor to get to share this formula that transformed things for me with you too. I can't wait to see you double your revenue & decrease your time! Let's do it! Shall we?


Have you ever thought to yourself...

"No one taught me how to run a business."

Think of The BRIMM as your sufficient substitute to business school! Here's what you'll learn....


Each week you'll receive content with tactical tools, tips & tricks to implement and create significant shifts in how you spend your time. You'll learn a new way of planning & creating productivity to increase your revenue & decrease your stress.


The goal is to help you create massive growth. There are 4 areas to focus on for growth. We'll discuss them all and help you implement them in your business to create exponential growth. You'll develop a plan to launch an offer to your customers & gain new traction.


You get ME! I'll be there for you every step of the way to help you implement what you've learned into your business. Have questions? Struggling? Stuck? I've got you! I'm there to help you get the results you want!

The "Female Founder Formula" (F3) is the Easy 3 Step Formula inside The BRIMM which makes it so unique.

F3 makes transforming your business a simple process.

If you started your business because you're great at what you do, but you wish you had the business tools to take it to the next level, the "FEMALE FOUNDER FORMULA" delivers you those tools.

F3 is the only business process you'll need to create the growth & productivity you want without the hustle you don't need. Here are the 3 steps:



The aim of the pivot is to simplify & amplify you business. You'll learn exactly how to create a detailed strategic plan to reach your business's targeted destination. Then, you'll pivot your offerings to reflect that target & you'll learn exactly how to transform the structure of your business to create more time.



In this step we will work to double your profits by helping you stand out as the authority in your arena. Other people may be doing the same thing, but you'll stand out & create a world of opportunities. You'll learn how to improve and innovate to be head & shoulders above the rest. Plus, you’ll feel confident in who your customers are, what they need from you, and exactly how you'll reach them.



Our final step will be to bring your plan to completion, by executing on the launch of your product or service. This is where it all comes together to create a flow in your business. You'll learn the absolute best ways to organically attract leads & ways to extend your client relationship beyond the initial sale. This


Here's an overview of exactly what's included in The BRIMM's 90 day business program.  

  • 12 weeks of incredible business tools, tips & tricks to help your business grow without growing your time invested;
  • Content delivered to you weekly via email & accessible via a special member's only portal;
  • Worksheets to help you complete your implementation of each module;
  • Group coaching calls weekly to apply the content to your business & ensure implementation and transformation;
  • Private Slack channel to communicate with regular questions.

A Few of the Businesses that Love The BRIMM

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This is the business program you've been waiting for, but you've got questions....I get it!

Q: I'm worried it's too expensive.

A: I hear you, but I'd challenge you to think about whether or not that comes from a place of scarcity & fear. If it does, will making decisions from that place ever lead to abundance? I haven't found abundance comes from shrinking back. Instead I'd think about it in a different way. Ask yourself what it's costing you to stay where you are now? Are you missing out on clients? Are you losing revenue because you don't have a plan or are spending too much time on things that aren't generating revenue. We'll reorient your time to spend more of it on generating revenue ASAP! Let's get you started doubling your revenue together!

Q: I'm just not sure I have the time to devote to it.

A: The truth is we are the cause or the source of time. If we don't have enough, it's because we caused it to be that way. You can always choose differently. This business program is about solving that issue & helping you eliminate this time issue to create more time for yourself. So if you struggle with time and don't have enough of it, then you MUST do this. Otherwise, how will things change? Will they magically get better on their own? Likely not. We have to do something different to get a different result.

Q: I'm scared I won't be good enough or it won't work for me.

A: Woman - I get you! Worthiness has always been a roadblock for me. But, that's why we address these limiting beliefs in our work together (week 2), because learning how to eliminate these is just as valuable as learning how to serve your customer in a better way or increasing your pricing. Trust me! And, if it really doesn't work for you, then I'll give you a refund (as long as you really did all of the work).

Now - Go for it! You have nothing to lose by applying. Complete the form & let's chat to discover if it's a fit for you. I'm going to tell you if it's not a fit. My mission is to help you create growth, so if this isn't the tool, I'll tell you.